The Today’s Woman Foundation is a non-profit organization that has played a very important and integral part in helping women in the High Desert community learn how to manage their health through education and support, as well as connecting them with local healthcare resources. Inspired by women of all generations, we are dedicated to continually improving our foundation’s resources to best help women achieve their goals. Through our work in the community, we remain committed to listening and learning from the women we serve.

Their experiences are at the center of our work, and it is our mission to strengthen, uplift, and motivate women of all generations to become all they can.

Our Mission:

Empower our diverse community of women through education, advocacy, and resources to enhance body, mind, and spirit.

Areas of Focus:

  • Education and Career Skills
  • Empowerment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Personal Growth


April 2018

By Regina Weatherspoon-Bell

As a community servant and someone who was very involved in the early development of the Today’s Woman Foundation, I believe it is important to share the history of the non-profit. The work of the organization began as an annual Women’s Expo in the high desert in 2000 with a focus on preventative health care, offering local women tools to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual health. It evolved into a non-profit in 2004 with an emphasis on women’s healthcare and awareness offering health screenings throughout the year and placing and intentional focus on breast cancer awareness. Through fundraising efforts, scholarships were given to local women to advance their education and job skills. Financial awards were also provided annually to women who were experiencing serious health challenges. The annual Today’s Woman Expo attracted attendance of over 2,500+ people each year who benefited from a diversity of local resources and services, free health screenings including breast exams and mammography, career counseling and more in the years preceding the death of one of its beloved founder, Anna Sugi in 2010. Lisa Price and Mary Grove are also co-founders of the Foundation.

“In a short time, the Board of Directors, along with the support of the high desert community has moved Today’s Woman Foundation to an exciting and beneficial level for a multi-generation of women. The result of their work is measurable and evidence-based. I am proud and supportive of their mission.”



As Executive Director of A Better Way, I am very appreciative to the Today’s Woman Foundation for the 8-week “Bringing Women to Self-Sufficiency” program and their efforts support our domestic violence victims. We often receive grants and monetary contributions, but rarely do we receive the gift of time, instruction and encouragement for the mental and emotional health of the women in our program. With support from Today’s Woman we are better able to advocate for and assist victims of domestic violence by providing a safe haven and provide life skills that will impact their livelihood and promote change.

-Inger Robertson



I walked into the Today’s Woman Bringing Women to Self-Sufficiency program completely broken, I had been in so many abusive relationships that I had lost myself. I was no longer me. These women cared about ME and whether or not I was okay. The resources that were provided and the women I met helped me get back to the person I once was. I had no idea the amount of valuable resources that are available for women like me, and these generous women helped me every step of the way. I have had a difficult past, these women believed in me and empowered me to better myself. They also inspired me to reach out and help others. I will be forever grateful for their friendships, their examples and for the way
they believed in me. I want to take all that they gave me and I want to give back to the world!