Your Best Year Yet! Helping Bring Women to Self-Sufficiency

Our 8-week program, Helping bring Women to Self-Sufficiency, provides guidance and tools necessary for women who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances due to  domestic violence, homelessness, addiction and other difficult situations. Our presenters are trained professionals who educate our participants in the areas of goal setting, mental health, addiction, education, employment, dress, financial stability, and much more. Through the 8-week program, women are given the tools necessary to become self-sufficient, confident and happy  contributors within their own community. 

Bundles of Hope Community Project

Our Bundles of Hope Project is a way for the community to “Give Back” and make a difference in the lives of those who need comfort, peace and hope. Our volunteers, from all generations, meet together to create hand-made inspirational items for women facing cancer.  The items are assembled into beautiful, hand-painted boxes and packaged into, “Bundles of Hope”, to help these women through this difficult time know that they are not alone.

There is strength that comes from a community that lifts up one another…and that is what this project does…it is as much for the “giver” as it is for the “receiver.”

Transformational Workshops:

Through our transformational workshops, women have renewed confidence, motivation and the skills necessary to evoke change in their lives.  Our support has helped many regain self-confidence, independence, and the strong desire to live a self-sufficient life-style.

Goal Setting Workshop

Like a Boss (Entrepreneurial Summit)

Community Support

We are passionate about supporting other community events that have similar missions.  Sharing skills, talents and resources is an important part of working together. Many hands can lighten the load and make a difference!