We accomplish lasting change through hands-on opportunities, awareness and advocacy efforts. We believe that strong women build strong communities.

There is power when a woman helps another woman, as both benefit. We encourage the celebration of women’s accomplishments as we lift one another in vast sisterhood. Together, we can accomplish more, create change, and build a stronger community of women.

Today’s Woman Foundation Opportunities:

Become a Volunteer/Ambassador:

Be a part of our event planning committees as a Volunteer/Ambassador at any of our fundraisers.

Become a Sponsor:

Help us become more equipt to impact the women in our community through financial support.

Support our events:

Be an active event participant.   Learn, grow and benefit from the services we provide.  Meet a network of inspirational women and community leaders.12540661_1508567112779693_1229897403619956740_n

The Today’s Woman Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3). All monetary sponsorship’s are tax deductible and will receive a tax receipt.

501(c)(3) #37-1525296

Connecting with other women is a source of strength and provides new social and economic opportunities for growth. Join us in our efforts to empower women of all generations.