The work of Today’s Woman Foundation began as an annual High Desert Women’s Expo in 2000 with a focus on preventative health care offering women tools to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Thanks to local founding members, Mary Grove, Lisa Price, and Anna Sugi, the organization evolved into a non-pr ofit in 2004 with an emphasis on women’s healthcare and offering screenings throughout the year and placing intentional focus on breast cancer awareness.  Through fundraising efforts, scholarships were given to local women to advance their education and job skills, and financial awards were provided annually to women who were experiencing serious health challenges.  The annual Expo was held at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds, attracting over 2,500 people each year.  Attendees benefited from a diversity of local resources and services, free health screenings, including breast exams and mammography, career counseling and more preceding the death of one of the beloved founders, Anna Sugi in 2010.

For a period following Anna Sugi’s death, there was a pause in the work.  In 2015, the Board of Directors invited Liz McGiffin to serve as its new Executive Director, and the new leadership team embraced the mission of the organization by expanding support to the women in the community in the form of offering transformational workshops to enhance personal and professional skills; a self-sufficiency program for women in crisis; and the creation and issuance of Bundles of Hope boxes for women in treatment for cancer.

Regina Weatherspoon-Bell continues to be an active supporter of Today’s Woman Foundation.  She worked with the founding members to launch the annual Women’s Expos and in 2019, Regina received the organization’s annual LEGACY AWARD.  Also pictured is Cindy Bostick, current Executive Director.