8-week Self-sufficiency program

“When a woman seeks help after being abused by her partner, she brings a number of issues that need to be addressed if she is to achieve a level of independence and self-sufficiency, as measured, for example,

by her not returning to her abuser, holding a meaningful job, and obtaining a permanent place to live.” (Campbell & Lewandowski)

Helping Bring Women to Self-Sufficiency is a life-changing 8-week program designed for women who are referred to us by A Better Way, Family Assistance Program, local churches, and other private organizations. We collaborate with topic experts and facilitators to work with women who are emerging in a committed way from domestic violence, addiction, or other adversity. Class participants learn about setting goals for the next 12 months: budgeting, saving, and credit; how to apply for scholarships and jobs; sexual health and healthy diet and exercise; how to dress for success, and more. Participants also go on a shopping spree to select nice gently used clothing and accessories donated by generous members of our community.