Bundles of Hope Project

“Finding out that you have cancer can make you feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, and alone. Suddenly having to learn about complex medical treatments and trying to choose the best one can also be stressful during this time.” (American Cancer Society)

The Bundles of Hope Project is designed to help meet the emotional need of the woman who is diagnosed and/or in treatment. Most importantly, community volunteers, many of whom have survived cancer themselves participate in creating the beautiful “Bundles” that contain a journal, handmade bracelet, determination doll, socks, puzzle book, a resource guide, and inspiring reads.

Emotional and social support can help patients learn to cope with psychological stress. Such support can reduce levels of depression, anxiety, and disease and treatment-related symptoms.

Self-Sufficiency Program

“When a woman seeks help after being abused by her partner, she brings a number of issues that need to be addressed if she is to achieve a level of independence and self-sufficiency, as measured, for example, by her not returning to her abuser, holding a meaningful job, and obtaining a permanent place to live.” (Campbell & Lewandowski)

Helping Bring Women to Self-Sufficiency is a life-changing 8-week program designed for women who are referred to us by A Better Way, Family Assistance Program, local churches, and other private organizations. We collaborate with topic experts and facilitators to work with women who are emerging in a committed way from domestic violence, addiction, or other adversity. Class participants learn about setting goals for the next 12 months: budgeting, saving, and credit; how to apply for scholarships and jobs; sexual health and healthy diet and exercise; how to dress for success, and more. Participants also go on a shopping spree to select nice gently used clothing and accessories donated by generous members of our community.

Goal Setting Workshop

Utilizing 10 questions from the globally acclaimed Best Year Yet! system, Coach Cindy guides class participants through the transformational process of setting their personal goals for the next 12 months.
Six reasons why goals are important:

  1. Goals give you focus
  2. Goals help you measure progress
  3. Goals help you stay motivated
  4. They help you beat procrastination
  5. You can achieve even more
  6. Goals help you decide what you want to create next


Like a Boss (Entrepreneurial Summit)

Women who desire to own a business deserve to be informed, and so once a year, we connect them with successful local business owners to share the why, how, and when to build. They openly share pitfalls and success stories in the powerful workshop. Unfortunately, there is a high failure rate of start-ups, according to the Small Business Administration (Oct. 2019). About 20% of start-ups fail in the first year and 50% succumb by year five. By the 10th year, about 33% survive.