Daniel White's "Hope & Empowerment" Project

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the background

Moms bring out the best in their sons.

As soon as Daniel White earned his Life Rank in his Boy Scout Troop 5679 in the middle of 2022, he knew right away that he wanted his Eagle project to do something to help those stricken with cancer after seeing the battle his mother went through with Breast cancer.

how it all played out

Focusing on helping someone else, helped Daniel grow as well!

After talking with Cindy Bostick, with the Today’s Woman Foundation, the agreement was made that Daniel would do his Eagle project with their organization and create 20 Self-Sufficiency Empowerment Boxes and 105 HOPE Cancer Boxes (Bundle of HOPE Project).

The entire process of completing his project, from raising the money for the materials, to having the Troop help color cards and assemble boxes, went smoothly and on time. Daniel was humbled as sponsors praised his intentions and he learned his own leadership and public speaking skills as he had to work outside his comfort zone. Being autistic and having extreme anxiety make doing things that much harder for Daniel.

Working with Cindy definitely put Daniel at ease and made his project more enjoyable. She, as well as the Foundation members, were kind to Daniel and when they surprised him with the announcement that he would be receiving the prestigious “President’s Award” at their annual Black Dress Gala, he was so honored and smiled nonstop going home to tell all his family members. The award means the world to him and he keeps the crystal award proudly on display in his room.

lessons learned

Hand-delivering "Hope" one box at a time.

As for his Eagle project, the realization of the impact of Daniel’s project came to a forefront when he and his mother hand-delivered boxes to individuals in the community that are battling cancer and/or going through treatment. He saw the joy and appreciation in their eyes as he handed them the box and explained why he was doing what he was doing.

Daniel has decided that although his Eagle project has had an offical end, he will continue to work with the Today’s Woman Foundation to hand-deliver the HOPE boxes when needed to anyone in the High Desert.


"What a wonderful and nice surprise to receive a care package from your organization! The past 6 months have been almost unbearable, but thanks to the kindness of family, friends and strangers, life has been easier. Thank you for thinking of me. Your foundation is doing so much for women in need of reassurance."
Bundles of Hope Recipient
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