“For the Health of It!”

This series is designed to help you improve the food and nutrition choices you make every day! 

How you care for your body is key in maintaining a strong immune system and now is the perfect time to learn what you can do to live a healthier life! Over 10 episodes, Medical Nutritionist, Therapist, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Diabetic Care & Education Specialist, Melanie Ajanwachuku will be educating and answering questions on a multitude of health and wellness topics.0

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For the health of it!
Series Introduction

An introduction to the nutrition series by Today’s Woman Foundation Executive Director, Cindy Bostick. 

How do you boost your immune system? Don’t smoke, eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly & maintain a healthy weight.
Power up your mornings with protein

A high-protein breakfast habit makes you feel satiated and gives you the energy you need to function, making it ideal for the first meal of the day.

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Sleep better! For the health of it!

1 in 3 Americans don’t get enough z’s on a regular basis and it impacts their health. What does healthy and not-so-healthy sleep look like?

De-Stress and Boost
Your Mood!
Chronic stress has been linked to a wide range of health issues, including mood, sleep, and appetite & even heart disease. Learn how to de-stress and improve your well-being.

Food Safety, Buying, and Cooking!

Food safety begins with purchasing and acquisition, well before the supplies hit their kitchen. Learn how to safely shop and prepare nutritious meals for your family. 

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Work from home without gaining weight

During the pandemic, many of us gained “quarantine weight”. This is caused by several factors, including stress and being stuck at home with no outlet for physical activity.

Confused about how much fat you should be consuming in your diet? Not sure what are good fats vs. bad fats? Watch this video where Melanie and Margaret break it down for you! 
What Does a Food Label Tell Me?

Reading food labels can help you make smart food choices. Learn how to read and understand the product date, ingredient list, and nutrition information on food labels. 

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For the Health of It – Closing Video

We are grateful to our supporters who have made this series possible! We’ve enjoyed educating the community during the pandemic. Live well, eat well, and stay safe!