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the background

I was a discouraged woman and business owner

My name is Roberta Seals I came into the “Like a Boss” summit discouraged as a woman business owner. I could not get my footing career-wise after the economy failed, and in a mere 8 months, I lost my son and home all at the same time.  I encouraged my children from when they were toddlers that doing right will pay off but somehow I did not see that for me.

After the rich information in the various presentations, I realized I had not been around bosses. I had no idea that my energy of disappointment in my business loss was holding me; my vision board had the wrong things on it and I was in a fantasy, not in a boss business.

how it all played out

I learned the nuts and bolts of business management

Mrs. Shannon Shannon made it clear you need a business plan, skill,  financial planning, and good bookkeeping to understand your financial position as a business owner. I was encouraged to pull my business plan back out and tweak it, writing the revision so when a loan officer looks at it they need to feel comfortable making an investment in my business vision.

You can’t fix what you deny.
Tiana Norman and Iris Gutierrez reinforced the need for self-care, managing my energy, and the energy I let come into my business endeavors.  Dress like the people you want to attract, write down the things you want to change, and list areas you should organize. Writing down things was emphasized by all the speakers; you have
to have a To Do list. 

Chris Lamoreaux spoke about branding and her personal testimony was very encouraging. The one thing that stood out was “keep it simple” and know what your “why” is. The product is your why and the way you tell the story of that why matters. 

lessons learned

Today, I am a boss and a successful business owner

So, today I am a successful woman business owner. I am a boss. I have produced a brand that is needed and my mission is clear. Tough times never last but tough people do. I am a “Todays Women Entrepreneur” see you at the top, competition! Because I’m taking my business to the next level with some real bosses.!

"I failed and therefore I succeeded. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all. I was discouraged by failure but I learnt from it, so go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because that is how I became a boss!"
Small Business Owner
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