2019 Women of Excellence

2019 Legacy Award

2019 President's Award

Regina Weatherspoon-Bell

Regina's support of TWF began over 20 years ago with her production of the annual Women's Expo where she worked alongside the founding members to help educate the community on preventative healthcare. Regina's ongoing advocacy and support of the work of TWF is greatly appreciated. She is the founder of Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders Project (DVL Project) and she currently serves as Executive Director for A Better Way Domestic Violence, Inc.

Cindie Schmidt

As a former Executive Director of TWF, Cindie led the effort to refocus the work of the Foundation after it's hiatus in 2015, including the launch of both the Bundles of Hope Project and the Self-Sufficiency Program. Her passion, creativity and contribution to the work of TWF was significant. Upon leaving TWF, Cindie decided to pursue her first love as an educator with the Hesperia School District.

2019 Women of Excellence

Annabelle Tarango

Annabelle is an inspiring young leader with a heart for working with elementary age girls in the community.   For the past two years, Annabelle has been involved in a program called, “Explainers” that teach experiments and science projects to young girls.

Delores Williams

Fearless, courageous and unrelenting in her purpose, Delores is the founder of Millionaire Mind Kids. MMK provides students with educational and training opportunities that include Aviation, Robotics, Law and Justice, Mental Health Wellness, and Financial Literacy. 

Evelyn Herrera

Evelyn was a single mother of four when she moved to the High Desert for a new start 16 years ago. She faced many challenges along the way including being homeless for two years. Evelyn appreciates the importance and need for community engagement.

Jeaninne Kingston

Jeaninne's mission is to help raise funds and awareness for organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Salvation Army, Moses House Ministries, Victor Valley Community Services Council. She loves people, and encourages those around her, always with a smile.

Jessica Govea

Jessica runs a dress program to help hundreds of women in need whose families cannot afford appropriate clothing for special occasions. Although she deals with serious medical issues, Jessica’s perseverance and passion to help others in need is admirable.

Kamaria Love

Kamaria has founded a program called, “Purity is Pretty” where she teaches adolescent girls to build their confidence and to stay strong against temptation. She provides a forum and a safe zone for young teens to mentor others and discuss their issues.

Kyla Rivera

Kyla is the Executive Director of Accountability for the Oro Grande School District. She believes in empowering students and ensuring all students have equal access to a quality education, as she inspires those around her with compassion and care.

Linda Alfaro

In 2014, Linda’s daughter, Brisa, experienced a brain stem stroke while she was in New York. She immediately went to NY to help her daughter. The strength Linda showed through this horrific experience shows the excellence of her heart and love for her family.

Melanie Ajanwachuku

To those who know her, Melanie is the definition of grace. Melanie models what kindness, patience, respect, dignity, integrity, and intelligence looks like. She serves on various Boards, and volunteers for many High Desert non-profit organizations and individuals. 

My’Chelle Campbell

My’Chelle Campbell is no stranger to adversity, but has a passion for working with young people to enrich their lives.  She is an active member of the “ideal changes” organization whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth in Adelanto.

Roxanne Wilson

Roxanne is a motivational speaker, mother of 8 and a business owner that gives hope to women and girls to work on improving their lives and to develop and cultivate a relationship with God. She believes that it's never too late to start anew. 

Valerie Smith

Valerie has built a legacy of helping High Desert students live healthier lives.  Today, she serves as Director of Community Wellness for St. Mary Medical Center where she developed and implemented a multidimensional wellness program for youth.