About Our Team

Cindy Bostick

Executive Director

Meeting the needs of others is important to Cindy as evidenced by her leadership of the Today’s Woman Foundation, and also in her work as a Grief Counselor. She takes seriously the admonition to “love one another” and delights in sharing her life experiences, training and education to work with some of the most vulnerable local women and their families. Cindy credits the Today’s Woman Foundation board of directors, ambassadors and volunteers for sharing their time, talent and hard work in support of the organization’s projects that are focused on personal and professional growth. 

In addition to her work at Today’s Woman Foundation, Cindy is a Victor Valley College Foundation board of director member. Cindy holds a Master of Science degree in Studies of Human Behavior, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, and she’s also a Certified Fellow in Grief Counseling (FAACG) with the American Academy of Grief Counseling of Health Care Professionals (AIHCP). 

Although not actively practicing, she is a licensed real estate broker with the California Department of Real Estate. Prior to working in the non-profit sector, Cindy managed a large real estate franchise. She lives in Apple Valley and treasures time with family and dear friends.

Melanie Ajanwachuku, BS, RDN, CDES

President of the Board

Melanie is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, who has specialized in Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease prevention and treatment, and health and wellness promotion, for 35 years in the high desert. She recently retired her company “A Dietitians’ Exchange, LLC”, a private health practice, providing reliable and scientifically based Medical Nutrition Therapy consulting for individuals, patients, and families, in the areas of wellness nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, and weight and lifestyle management.

Melanie continues to be committed to her calling and passion to improve the well-being of her community. She is a writer and speaker who continues to provide nutrition seminars for nonprofits, medical groups, corporate wellness in-service training, fitness facilities, cable and national media, community nutrition lectures, and career day presentations for schools, hospitals, and churches.

The mission of TWF exemplifies Melanie’s personal community service commitment and she appreciates the privilege of working with the board members, ambassadors, and affiliates, all sterling humanitarians committed to excellence in service. Melanie’s centering comes from her Christian faith, her husband and family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while appreciating the good humor of life.

Mona Merrill

Vice-President of the Board

Mona is a Senior Executive Assistant with Prime Healthcare Services, and she currently serves as TWF board Secretary, a position she’s held for the past several years. Her passion for the work of TWF grows stronger each year and she is honored to work with the TWF team to expand its programs to serve women in the community. TWF’s Bundles of Hope project and the “Empowering Women for Self-Sufficiency” program are two of Mona’s favorites.

Meet our wonderful team members.

We couldn’t do the work we do without an incredible team. As an organization, we do everything we can to serve the women that seek the support of the Today’s Woman Foundation. 

Together, we have built a culture of genuine caring for colleagues and the people we serve. Every day, we work toward our mission by doing our very best and living out our core values.

Margaret Smith


After retiring from a 36-year career in HR, Margaret began serving as a TWF director in 2017. She owns Maggie’s Custom Quilts where she crafts memorial quilts for individuals who have lost loved ones. She and her husband, Smitty, volunteer for local organizations, including the Victor Valley Bicycle Tour, Kiwanis, and St. Mary Foundation. Margaret also designed the curriculum for the TWF “Self-Sufficiency” program for underserved women. 

Margherita Leone


Margherita is the Controller for Desert Physicians Management, LLC, and has served on the board as Treasurer for TWF since 2011. She passionately believes in the work the organization does for the community, specifically the inspiration, education, and support provided to an ever-increasing number of local women. Margherita is grateful to serve alongside the “amazing” group of board members and ambassadors.

Shannon Shannon

Past President

Shannon Shannon is the President and owner of SaddleRock Reverse Mortgage. Shannon has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from California State University, San Bernardino, and holds a California Department of Real Estate Brokers License. Shannon is very active in the community serving on the boards of Today’s Woman Foundation, San Bernardino County Workforce Development, VVC Foundation, Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce, and Mountain Desert Economic Partnership/team 2/Advisory Council.

Renée Rincon


Renee is currently a student completing a B.S. in Biology. Her goal is to pursue a career working with the underserved population as a mental healthcare provider. Since 2015 she has volunteered with TWF, March of Dimes, Lifestream, and hospice organizations. Renee raised over $20K for March of Dimes and collected over 200 pints of blood for Lifestream. As a proud single mom, she credits her daughter Addie (Lady Bug) for inspiring her resilience.

Millie Howard


Millie is Chairperson for the TWF Bundles of Hope Project. As a former Executive Assistant for the San Diego City Council and at Cox Communication, Millie brings a wonderful skill set enabling her to engage with the many project volunteers who want to “give back” to the community. Serving on the board of TWF allows Millie to join a group of women whose mission aligns with her personal values. She is also very involved in the Solera at Apple Valley Community Association where she serves on several committees.

Jeff Dunagan


Jeff is the Human Resources Manager for Mitsubishi Cement in Lucerne Valley. As a two-time cancer survivor and recipient of a bone marrow transplant, Jeff feels very strongly about helping others who are going through challenges of their own. Jeff’s undergrad degree is in Business Management and he holds a Masters in Organizational Management as well as a Masters in Human Resource Management. He likes to volunteer his time through the Apple Valley Rotary club and the Mountain Desert Economic Partnership where he co-chairs team 3, which focuses on tiered economic opportunity for today’s youth. Jeff has a passion for learning and likes to share that knowledge so he hosts a job prep/skills workshop in the Empowering Women for Self-Sufficiency program.

Diana Van Riel


Diana serves as an Ambassador for TWF and her passion is working on the Bundles of Hope Project. She also volunteers for Rock’n our Disabilities. With a degree in paralegal studies, Diana has worked in the Superior Courts in the cities of Norwalk and Victorville.  She considers it an honor to work with the team of TWF where she sees first hand how lifechanging the work can be for women and their families. In Diana’s words, “I began my volunteer work with the TWF Bundles of Hope Project to give back to the many people who helped my daughter along her breast cancer journey.” Diana’s hobby is decorative painting and she has personally decorated many of the Bundles boxes.

Yolanda Roberts


Yolanda is an author, speaker and the founder of A Daughter’s Voice Ministries, a local nonprofit organization. Her organization works to advocate, improve and empower the lives of young ladies and women by promoting education, self-awareness, mentorship and leadership. Yolanda’s life experiences drive her to help others and she devotes herself to mentoring women to know they are loved, beautiful, talented and can do whatever they want in life to better themselves. Yolanda is marreid to a ownderful man og God and combined they have four outstanding adult children.

Jessica Borzilleri


Jessica is very involved in the community. She is currently the consultant director for Bellview Hospice where she is pasisonate about serving and educating the senior community. She finds joy in helping the senior population find the right solution. Jessica has been working with seniors for over 30 years starting in skilled nursing, assisted living and now hospice. She is also an Ambassador for the High Desert Chamber of Commerce and served as co-chair for an Evening Affair for three years. She is also a former board member with the Apple Valley Chamber. Her work with Chambers of Commerce dates back to 2007 when she served as presdident for the Grand Terrace Chamber. Jessica also worked on the St. Mary Foundation Gala committee for four years. 

Edda Aichinger


Edda is retired and enjoys volunteering in her community at Solera in Apple Valley and serving as an Ambassador for TWF. Her background is interesting and includes working at Chicago O’hare Airport for Lufthansa Airlines for eight years. Edda was also the owner of an art and collectible store for seven years. Edda finds great joy and satisfaction in helping others, and her favorite TWF program is the Bundles of Hope Project where she, Millie and Diana lead workshops to decorate and fill boxes for the Bundles of Hope program. 

Heidi Battaglia


Heidi enjoys being able to give back to the community any way she can. She is active with Rock’n Our Disabilities as a teacher for their new Learning Center as well as their Soaring Eagles Group. Her professional degree background is in teaching and working with the special needs community. Her family is very active in scouting over 13 years where Heidi holds the position as Scoutmaster for a girls Troop (5679) and her son, Daniel, worked with the TWF earning his Eagle Rank with his BSA Troop project in 2022 with the Bundles of Hope Project. Being a breast cancer survivor herself since 2019, Heidi knows the importance of what this project means to those undergoing a new diagnosis and starting treatment. 


Brisa Alfaro


Brisa Alfaro is very passionate about supporting the mission of TWF as they empower women to tap into their limitless possibilities. Brisa is a Pons Stroke & Locked In Syndrome Survivor as well as an International Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker and Coach. Whether appearing on national television, presenting to audiences all over the world, or working with private clients, she also helps those that are ready to unlock their limitless possibilities by guiding them to discover how to break through their confining circumstances. Brisa is committed to help people unlock BIG RESULTS, with small moves …Pinky Moves™