In-Person Workshops

We host in-person workshops throughout the year. Bookmark this page to follow us and see when we post new and upcoming workshops in the community! 

Life, Love & Loss Grief Management Workshop

It is said that the death of a loved one leaves a “ring” of at least 9 immediate family members behind. I shared this slide today at a workshop on Life, Love and Loss…The bonds continue- keep your loved ones memory alive as you continue to LIVE♥️

Like a Boss! Entrepreneurial Workshop

If you are seeking to establish or grow your own business, this workshop is for you! Learn how to create essential life skills, harness the mental strength to develop grit and determination, and hone your entrepreneurial chops!

3 Hours to change your life! Create your best year yet!

Experience the joy of creating your BEST YEAR YET plan in a fun, interactive and safe place with other like minded women. You will answer just 10 questions and set the stage for making miracles happen in your upcoming year!